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Clarity with Martha McGinnis

Episode 01


Martha McGinnis began dieting as a teen. She went back and forth gaining 75 pounds here and suddenly dropping 15 pounds there; and by the time she reached college she was suicidal. One night she had a series of realizations that set her on a path to freedom, confidence, and joy. She realized that she wasn’t fat. She realized it was her brain that was telling her she was fat. She realized her brain was lying to her.

Once she had those realizations she made a promise to herself to start listening to her body instead of her mind. She learned to eat mindfully. “Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Say yes to all foods and stop when your body tell you that you’ve had enough.”

Now Martha coaches overeaters and emotional eaters towards a life that is free from all of the depression, misery, and negative self-talk that comes with an unhealthy relationship with food. Through Martha’s course you’ll learn to un-program all of the dieting tapes running in your mind, feel real hunger again, and hit the reset button on your metabolism.

You can find Martha’s program, Appetite Clarity, and an option to book a free Appetite Breakthrough Session at https://www.appetiteclarity.com/

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Hi I’m Jennifer! As an entrepreneur who has worked for the largest retailer in the world, I bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and expertise in Walmart and Amazon.


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