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Wanna learn how to grow your business inspired by your intuition and doing what you love?



I’ve been able to successfully manifest exactly what I want to create each year by following the steps that I’ll be sharing with you below.


Here’s what I’ll teach you to do:

1. Create a list of goals that you want to turn into reality

2. Calendar out these goals in order to achieve them

3. End 2019 feeling successful in both your personal and professional accomplishments


When you set aside a day to reflect on what happened in your current year, and where you want to take your life into the next, you’re able to create a clear roadmap to get to your next destination.


In year’s past I’ve had goals like meet my new husband, buy my dream house, purchase a Cadillac, make $500,000, launch a new course and much more. By mapping out my year I’ve attained each of these goals and it’s such an amazing feeling that I’d love you to experience!


My best steps to manifest a successful year includes:

  • Tools for success
  • Life-hacks
  • Calendar method to maintain control of your time and help reach your goals


Because I know this process works and have learned how to make what I want come true year after year after year, I’m really happy to share these proven steps with you!

Don’t let life just “happen” to you.

Become an active orchestrator in the creation of your life!

Remember that you can have, be, and do whatever you want out of this lifetime, but the most important thing is to be intentional so you can reach your goals.

Get out those calendars and may the fun part begin!


I love the BlueSky Feminine Yearly Wall Calendar so I can see the entire year at once. Then I plug each event into my digital Google Calendar that I use daily on my phone and MacBook.

Let’s start from a 30,000 foot view.



Commit to one getaway per quarter, minimum. Some of these should be just for you to take some time away so you can clear your mind, allow space for creative thought and inspiration, or strategize. They don’t all have to be family vacations.


Vacations: With Kids

I typically take 1 or 2 family vacations with the kids. My husband and I call these “trips”. They’re typically exhausting because we’re doing all of the things the kiddos want to do, which involve immense expenses of energy involve lots of activity.


In January I’m taking the family to New York for their first trip to the Big Apple where the kids will see the Statue of Liberty for the first time and walk around Times Square. This two night trip is just about all I can tolerate when I know there will be tons of stress, physical and mental fatigue, and energy expended with keeping three other humans happy and alive in the busiest city in America.


In the summer I’ll spend a whole week at Hilton Head riding bikes and swimming, playing board games, riding on a pirate ship, and taking the kids to check out Savannah.


I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I personally like to vacation!


Vacations: No Kids

I’ll also take 1 or 2 trips with my husband to recharge. In May I have a women’s mastermind event in Hawaii so we’re tacking on a few extra days just for us. On these trips I sleep a lot, eat well, get a massage, and read raunchy romance novels. It’s “me time”. My marriage gets re-charged. I come back with my tank completely full.


I really love Booking.com for blocking out locations for my vacations because you don’t have to pay upfront! All of my vacations this year area already locked in, and I have time to save up before we arrive, then I just pay at the hotel.



Sign up for at least 1 educational event or program. I’m a Vistage member, which is a CEO mentoring program worldwide, and in February I’ll be in Dallas learning from some of the best business minds around the country.  I’ve signed up for Impact Summit in California in April that combines a bunch of my favorite people, like Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, and the Kajabi team that hosts my online courses. And that women’s mastermind program in May ends in Hawaii.


I’ve never, ever regretted investing in education for myself as a human or my business. It’s reaped me giant returns. Plus I just absolutely love to learn more and am in constant growth mode. Trust me it’s worth the investment!



This is something I do a couple times a year. It’s taking at least 1 full day to unplug from the world and focus on the business I’ve created. I evaluate what’s working, and what’s not. Make changes on the things that will allow me to get back to my year-end goal, or expand my business.


These can be done at home, or you can book a room at a library, conference room with a whiteboard, or hotel room. I recommend doing these mid-year and at end of year as you’re planning the next year of business.



List down all the major events for the year: weddings, retirements, graduations, retreats, etc. Get them onto your calendar so they’re not a surprise during the year.



Are you planning to launch something big in your business this next year? Now that your personal life is locked in, add these now.


I’m launching a Walmart.com online course in January, so this goes into my calendar after my New York trip. I have several clients with big Walmart store launches, so that also goes only my calendar.


Get granular on smaller monthly/daily goals. Want to lose weight? Commit to a workout x/times per week? Hire a trainer? Start a yoga practice?


What about self care like massage, acupuncture, salt tanks, etc.? Put these into your calendar NOW by creating reoccurring events. Call your favorite massage therapist and get on their books. The second Friday morning of each month is already booked on my calendar for a 90-minute with Cassandra.


I’m committed to getting to my goal weight by my Hawaii trip. To make that reality I have to take some actionable steps right now. I signed up for the Keto Challenge at my local Evolve Paleo. I’ve scheduled on my calendar a daily 30 minute walk at lunch. I have 3 times a week an hour blocked off to hit the gym. There’s absolutely no way I’d make my goal a reality if it wasn’t pre-scheduled into my daily life.

Go ahead and start booking all of these events on your calendar.

Now you’re ready to walk into the new year with actionable, time-based action plans.

When life starts happening and meetings or events need to be booked on your calendar, don’t book over what you’ve just put into place.

Instead protect these events and reply with “I’m already booked up at that day/time. How about “xx” instead?”

This is self care. This is you being more mindful and intentional about your life and future. This is you creating the life of your dreams.



  • Set aside a full day to reflect on 2018 and get clear on what you want to create in 2019 in order to make your goals a reality.
  • Take out your calendar now and block out personal and professional events, goals, and educational events.
  • Protect these events and do not book over them. Honor them just like you would a work meeting or event.

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