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Wanna learn how to grow your business inspired by your intuition and doing what you love?



Living Intentionally

Be Kind to Yourself

I’ve Baked WAY Too Much During Covid

6 Ways to IMMEDIATELY Protect your Product Based Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

What’s Your Workout Archetype?

Why You Can’t Rely on Trade Shows to Get Distribution in Brick and Mortar

Try Something New

No Capital? Why Bother at All?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. Let Me Introduce Myself!

Lessons In Letting It All Go

Create Added Value for your Shoppers This Season

Increase Online Sales by Evoking a Seasonal Feeling

You Are Enough

5 Ways to Create a Cohesive Seasonal Marketing Theme Online

Business Owners, Set Healthy Boundaries

5 Action Steps to Attract Your Ideal Client

Woman CEO, Be Wild and Free as a Child

Marketing tips so your ideal client can find you while you grow

Permission to take care of yourself

Excuses to Let Go Of

Step 5: Optimize items so your ICA can find you

AGRARIA, luxury fragrance available to everyone

3 Ways to Recognize You’re on the Right Path using Angel Numbers

Step 4: Understand how to start item and vendor set up

Manifest memorable family trips from a place of abundance

Are You Also in a “Period of Discovery”?

Step 3: Get approval to sell into your ideal retailer

Encouraging my Kids to Dream Big and Teslas

How I incorporate self-care into my busy entrepreneur day

Step 2: Brand your products to magnetize your ICA

How to have fun showing up as an entrepreneur

Fed up being the status quo? Manifesting is real!

6 Proven Steps for Successfully Selling into Mass Retail – Step 1

How I Made My Family’s Dream Life A Reality. Think. Believe. Create

A Woman-Owned South African Tea Manufacturer Enters the US Market

The 2018 Most Wanted & Most Returned Holiday Gifts

My Best Steps to Manifest a Successful Year

Recipes, Sweet Potato Gnocchi & FREE Audit Giveaway

Just Fired, Now Field Trip. How Moms Just Keep Going!

How brands can be profitable during Black Friday

From Seedling to Sapling; One Brand’s Seasonal Amazon Growth

Mompreneur Lifehack: Hiring a Personal Chef

From Guts to Glory: How One Brand Conquered Mass Retail

How the Right Branding Can Effortlessly Attract Your Ideal Client

From Food Stamps to Good Fortune

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Hi I’m Jennifer! As an entrepreneur who has worked for the largest retailer in the world, I bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and expertise in Walmart and Amazon.


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The Path to Walmart is a course for Walmart suppliers who may already have a broker; who are already doing business with Walmart; or who may be suppliers who don’t have any help at all. The course contains 10 different modules each with 4-7 lessons each. Enroll and Get Into Walmart!

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