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You CANNOT rely on trade shows anymore to get retailer placement.

There, I said it. And yes I know we’re all still mad and angry about the cancellation of Expo West yesterday (I was headed there too), the Housewares show, and we all know that’s not the last of big show cancellations.

Not only is our shopper purchasing in a new behavioral pattern, but buyers and retailers are contacting brands directly for placement.

So, how can you get placement in retail without having to attend another expensive, exhausting trade show?

Let me give you some ideas below + provide some actual resources so you can increase sales ASAP!


Marketing is a MUST these days. If your ultimate goal is to get in brick and mortar, you must drive awareness by:

A) Showing up on social media EVERY DAY! I truly believe that it gets way less crowded at the top of the hill, so effort harder than your competition. For me that means that I post 7 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day. Only 1% of our posts are being seen organically. So if you think you’re bombarding your following, you’re NOT. Post even more. But make the content worth reading. No one needs another post screaming “buy my product“.

My friend Erin Phillips owns Pinckney Palm, and they’re a woman-owned and woman run social media management company. If you’re looking for someone to manage your account 1:1 OR she has a Master Your Social online group coaching program that starts March 23rd and is only $450!

B) Use paid advertising. This may sound like a no-brainer to most of you, but it takes money to make money.

C) Influencers are still a thing. When was the last time you bought something from a friend or influencer? Oh, yesterday, right? That’s because people buy from those they trust, and based on other people’s opinions.

I use Matt Wenzel at Apex Drop, and my clients love their 50 influencer package!


It’s the cheapest, fastest way to grow a brand, and the best part is you’re in FULL CONTROL of your product branding, storefront, listings, pricing, etc.

NO slotting fees.

NO buyers to tell you “no”.

The customer gets to actually decide what they want to buy out of your product range.


And buyers are using Amazon to see what products and brands shoppers are buying, then contacting them directly for inline placement!


You can also start approaching buyers once your products are ranking in the top 5 for your specific category. This makes getting invited to a line review a breeze!


👉🏻Get savvier on Amazon by joining my “A” Game Masterclass.



The downside to Amazon is that they own the data, the relationship and the experience with your shopper.

So create your own subscription model on your own website, and use social media marketing and influencers to tell potential shoppers about it!

My friends at Verve Logistics have several subscription model clients, and the owner Justin Banner is a master at creation subscription programs for companies!


My recommendation is to start with Amazon’s 112 million Prime members.

Then find a company that understands how to market on Social Media, using in-app tools to drive the sale. You can direct sales to Amazon or your own website.

Long-term you want a big, robust customer pool on your website, in your email database, and on your social media accounts so that you can speak directly to your shopper.

Subscriptions are a great addition that ads loyal customers, nice sustainable monthly revenue, and adds another income stream!

Lastly, look into multi-channel placement to diversify and spread risk.


👉🏻Want more retail tips? Join my Retail Success Mastermind group over on Facebook.

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