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How can I book a presentation audit with you?

Send me an email at so we can get you on my calendar. This service is FREE with the purchase of The Path to Walmart course.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching services?

Yes! The price is $200/hour. Send me an email at so we can get you on my calendar.

I signed up for your freebie / downloads and didn’t receive it - what can I do?

Send me an email at so we can fix the link and get you the downloadable.

I signed up for a course but didn’t receive my login details - what can I do?

Send me an email at so we can re-send your login information.

How do I know what course is right for me?

Most students start out in the Amazon course (The “A” Game) because they’re trying to gain sales and rankings that later springboard justifying a meeting in Walmart.
However if you’re already in Walmart or have been invited to a meeting, then The Path to Walmart is a perfect course for you.

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The Path to Walmart is a course for Walmart suppliers who may already have a broker; who are already doing business with Walmart; or who may be suppliers who don’t have any help at all. The course contains 10 different modules each with 4-7 lessons each. Enroll and Get Into Walmart!

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