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In this episode we get to speak with Esther Kiss, founder and owner of Born to Influence. Born to Influence connects experts with the right blend of online and traditional media outlets to help them grow their business.

She’s helped her clients launch books, new products, and new service offerings by getting them into major publications and outlets such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur, ABC News, Huffington Post, Influencive, and more.

Join us as she gives us some great tips for experts including what producers and hosts expect from their guests; and how experts can position themselves so that they are relevant, interesting, specific, and timely.

Esther was featured in the documentary Inspired By 11, and she’s regularly interviewed in the media.

Esther speaks fluent Hungarian and a little bit of Dutch. She lived in six European countries before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2007. Today, Esther lives in the Palm Springs area with her three cats: Mr. RoofTop, Silkie and Scruffy.”

To learn even more about Esther and her services, you can visit her Facebook page.


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