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Infusing Corporate America with Magic with Marcela McBride

Episode 34


Let me ask you a question. What would you consider to be actual, tangible magic in your life today?


I’m not talking starting a fire with the snap of your fingers. Or murmuring some incantation in order to cause your arch nemesis to spill coffee all over their white button down in the middle of an important meeting.


For me, magic shows up in my life in several different ways:


Creating a life where I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock.


Not putting on real clothes until 10am.


Having the flexibility to take my kiddos swimming or to the movies in the middle of a workday.


Crafting a life where I can work from literally anywhere in the world that has a wifi signal.


Magnetizing my ideal husband to me, just months after my divorce, then living happily ever after for the past 6 years.


Or how about being gifted with a free trip to Italy?


Or just being curious enough to ask questions of my Cadillac dealership that led to a brand new XT5 SUV in exchange for my Honda CRV- with the same monthly payment!


Or speaking of monthly payments – trading in a 2005 2,100 square foot home for a brand spanking new 2,800 square foot one with a swimming pool and built-in friends for my kids!


Ok, you get the point so I’ll stop there.


We can create magic in our lives and in our business that shape an existence we actually want to wake up to each day.


And get this – it’s possible for every single one of us to create this kind of magic!


I recorded an interview with my friend Marcela McBride called “Infusing Corporate America with Magic”, and I think you’ll leave feeling motivated and encouraged to add a little magic to your world too.


    • I learned the magic of attracting my ideal customer and then attracting my ideal business partners.


    • When we’re in the masculine (energy) and constantly overdoing, then we can move into a place of pushing and trying to make things work that really need to be let go of.


    • Follow your heart. It’s not about winning. Failure is nothing to stop you. So never lose trust in yourself, whatever you think, you can achieve.

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