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Ketchup in Your Veins With Rebecca Bauwens

Episode 32



This Soulful Business podcast episode can change your relationship with your shopper forever!

“Ask yourself what magic and engagement do you spark into your brand? The answer will help determine the choices you make, and the tactics you select to reveal your true point of differentiation…”

Disney, McDonald’s, P&G (all brands), Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, Club Med, and Arby’s are just a few of the top Fortune 500 companies that are all brands within her portfolio.

Rebecca L. Bauwens, from Will Work For Chocolate, has worked with her brands to create fun, engaging marketing campaigns that increased sales dollars in the millions. She is an award-winning marketer with five Effie Award nominations and one Gold win.

Listen to the “Ketchup in your veins” podcast episode with Rebecca:


    • Find the connective piece that evoke the right emotion for your clients. At Disney, Rebecca said that they spoke about the core of their marketing as based on the word magic, “When you hear the word magic, it evokes an image in your mind.” So having that visual, hearing the word brings you to that visual, to have that emotion and then that’s what ends up leading to action.


    • Ask yourself what magic and engagement do you spark into your brand? The answer will help for choices that you make, with the tactics you select and reveal your point of differentiation.


    • “How do I make people care?” By getting clear on your company goals and define how to use engagement to really connect with your shopper or your consumer, and be relevant in their lives, instead of just showing them an ad.

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