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You Can Do It! with George Lawrence, MerchantWords Founder

Episode 37


George Lawrence, founder of MerchantWords, is one of my favorite humans on the planet. Eternally optimistic, larger than life, and an outgoing personality, George’s favorite place on earth is Disney. In fact, he lives in a subdivision literally outside the gate of Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


George leads us through a very personal conversation about creating a side hustle out of his basement that turned into a company supporting others to live their best lives. He tells us about losing his home in recent wildfires, but how it led him to transplanting his family literally all the way across the country, to their favorite place on earth.


“(After losing our home to recent wildfires in California)… We bought a nice house. It actually happens to be right next to Disney World. We can see the fireworks every night over the trees. It’s a lot of fun. In fact, we’re close enough that when the steam whistle blows on that steam ship that goes around the Island, I can hear it through the trees in our neighborhood. So we are literally at the back door of Disney World.”


George is a HUGE supporter of living your best life, and creating a life that supports that dream. He reports almost every one of his data scientists are working mommas, and they work from home! (Just one more reason why I love this man so much!!)


“… cubicles, I didn’t want mine and I’m not going to put a cubicle on anybody else. And so I wanted to become the business that I always wish I could have worked for. Well, now I created a business and I am the business. I always want to work with no cubicles for anybody. You can work wherever you want to work, if that’s your house, your couch, whatever, do it. And if you’re productive, wherever you’re working, fine. And most people said, you know, that’s great. I’m a stay at home mom. I’ll do my data science when the kids are sleeping and then when the kids are awake, I’ll do what I need to do with my kids. And when they go back to sleep or they’re at school, I’ll go back to data science. And the interesting thing is our data science team, it shouldn’t surprise me, but initially it did surprise me is 100% women and many of them have kids at home.”


If you’re looking for an honest, transparent conversation with one of the leading Amazon service providers in the world today, this is your podcast.


George is a huge supporter of women, or digital workspace environments, and of following your dreams.


It’s not even possible to finish this podcast and leave uninspired.


Have a listen yourself!


    • Stop worrying about all the steps needed to start your own Amazon business, and just do it!


    • When you’re working for someone else, you’re building their empire, not your own.


    • By having a side hustle, you’ve always got the opportunity to protect yourself against the crazy things happening in life.


    • Today is the best time to launch a business.


    • Don’t wait. You can do it. Do it now.



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